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The aim of Majlis E Dawatul Haq is to create a link between Islam and the general masses in order to provide a platform for the propagation of deen. Majlis E Dawatul Haq aims to be a base where people can turn to for all their Islamic needs. Keeping this in mind at Majlis E Dawatul Haq we have a system where everyone can come for their Islamic education.

One of our fundamental aim is to encourage people to continue their study of Islam, keeping this in mind we at Majlis E Dawatul Haq we have various classes that run throughout the week.

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Nazirah Classes

We have classes that run in the evening for childrens. The students start of with the basics about islam and the quran and as they progress through the years we aim for them to be able to read the quran in the correct manner with all its rules and qualities. The Madrasah also places great emphasis on tarbiyyah (moral and spiritual training), helping the madrasah’s teenage students grow into the role models of the future.

Hifz Classes

This course is designed to cater for each individual student according to his capabilities and potential, with an emphasis on the importance of Tajweed and rules of recitation. The syllabus has been prepared in a manner that will enable a student to memorise the entire Qur’an (approximately over 6,000 verses) and retain it. This task may seem daunting and difficult but in reality this is the true miracle of the Qur’an. In Islam a Hafiz has a great status in this life and also in the next. At Majlis E Dawatul Haq we aim to produce great Huffaaz of the Quran who can be a pioneer of Islam for many years to come.

Alim Course

Those students that have finished their Nazirah classes or their Hifz classed can enrol in the alim course to get a greater understanding of Islam. In this course you will get to learn Arabic, Urdu, Teachings of the noble Qur’an, Ahadeeth and much more.

We can also arrange classes for individuals to fit around their time and needs.

We aim to produce individuals who are well prepared to serve the religious and spiritual needs of Muslims and be valuable members of society.

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