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By the grace of the Almighty, in 1991 the foundation of an auspicious institute by the name of Majlis e Dawatul Haq was established by Muhiyyus Sunnah Hadhrat Moulana Shah Abraarul Haq Sahib (R) Khalifa of Hadrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Sahib (R).

A property was purchased in Leicester to conduct many services for the Muslim community which include: publication of various Islamic materials in the form of books and journals, accommodating eminent scholars from overseas and arranging Islahi programmes for the masses throughout the country, establishment of Islamic classes which include Hifz, Nazirah Arabic and higher level Islamic education. These are along with the five times daily Salah with Jamat and Eidain Salah.

Many elders and youth are also benefitting through the Dars programmes ranging from Lessons in the Qur’an, Hadith and also self-reformation (Islah) that are conducted after Salah on various days of the week.

Over the years the need to expand the Masjid and its services grew as more and more Muslims moved into the area. To accommodate this growing number of Musallis, a number of houses were purchased next to each other and converted into a Masjid.

This extended Masjid has been serving the Muslims for a number of years but it has started to become too small to accommodate the growing population and also too expensive to maintain and run every single year.

With these points in mind it was decided that the best option to move the Masjid forward would be to demolish the current building and rebuild it according to modern standards. Altogether, four houses will be demolished and the land will be used to build the new Masjid.

This rebuilding project will cost an approximate of £1 million. It is hoped that you will assist in this noble cause and be part of all of the activities that take place as well as make it a means of eternal Sadaqah Jariyah for yourself and beloved ones.

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