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All praises to Allawh (Sub haa na hoo wa Ta’aalaa) and choicest blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammud (Sal lal law hu ‘alay hi wa sallam).

Alhumdulillaah, Muslims around the globe have fulfilled a great act of worship, submitting to the will of Allawh, by sacrificing animals. Many Muslims performed Hajj, another great duty, for the pleasure of Allawh. May Allawh accept all sacrifices and make it a means of salvation in the hereafter.

The total submission of Muslims, witnessed during these occasions, is unique and bears testimony to their sincere faith. Just as these sacrifices were made for Allawh, there are many other actions, which need to be done for the pleasure of Allawh. Some are to be abandoned totally and some have to be inculcated in our system.

Indeed Islaam teaches us submission to the pleasure of Allawh in all matters. We need to make an effort to learn and understand which actions will please Allawh and which actions will displease Him. If we submit totally to Sharee’ah, then only, will there be peace and order. Conditions are dependent on the actions of Muslims. They have Ee-maan, and follow the commandments of their Creator, to be successful in both worlds.

Guidance is from Allawh and we are always in need of it, therefore we need to beg Allawh to guide us to the straight path continuously and increase us in Ee-maan. If someone is practicing the Sharee’ah, then it is by the grace and mercy of Allawh. We cannot take credit for any good we do, because Allawh granted us the ability to do it, so we must be grateful to Him alone.

A great lesson is learnt, that one must not to look down upon those who are not practicing upon the laws of Sharee’ah. The ideal thing is to be grateful to Allawh for saving one from such wrongs, and supplicate for the betterment of the next person. We have no idea when and how one will leave this world.

Allawh bestowed humans with intellect to understand wrong from right. Generally wrongs are understood and acknowledged, but due to some reason, we commit the wrongs and fail to refrain from temptation. Regretting it, is a good sign and it is hoped that Allawh will guide us in future and we will be able to abandon it forever. If we do not consider a wrong as wrong, and in fact, try all avenues to justify it, then this is a serious problem for us. Such persons are deprived of repenting and seeking forgiveness. The greatest wrong is to think, we are not doing anything wrong. In fact, we think we are correct in everything and ultimately are deprived of repentance.

Allawh does not like, that person who is wrong, but thinks he/she is right. Such people expect everything to go right for them in their lives, in this temporary worldly life. Unfortunately this is a reality which cannot be
denied. We have to submit to Allawh first, then expect guidance.

First and foremost we must correct our beliefs, which are of primary importance. There are many subtle ways a person becomes a disbeliever. Some ‘broad-minded’ people try to fit Islaam in modern society and plan to give Islaam a ‘face-lift’. There are many hypocrites, polytheists, people with atheistic beliefs and those who make their own interpretations of injunctions of Islaam, all claiming to be sincere Muslims. It is mentioned in a narration, ‘A time will dawn upon the people, nothing will remain of Islaam except its name, nothing will remain of the Glorious Qur’aan except its writing, their Masaajid will be populated but void of guidance, their Scholars will be evil from whom corruption will emerge and return to them’.

After correcting our beliefs, now we need to put our actions in order. Firstly, we acknowledge our wrongs, repent
and seek forgiveness from Allawh sincerely. Now with a clean slate, we work towards our Fa-raa-iz (compulsory duties) and all other duties, as a true Muslim is supposed to be doing, as prescribe by Rasoolullawh (Sal lal law hu ‘alay hi wa sallam).

Our fundamental belief is on the unseen. We are so engrossed in materialism and modernism, that we fail to acknowledge and recognise Allawh. We cannot see Allawh, so everything is taken for granted and no appreciation is shown to Allawh. Our lifestyles portray that Allawh does not exist in our lives. Our condition is deteriorating and becoming eligible for the wrath of Allawh. Allawh is Most Tolerant, but there are limits for everything. If we continue disregarding Sharee’ah and indulge in wrongs, then we have non-other than ourselves to blame.

This temporary worldly life is a test for us. A little sacrifice and some effort, will grant us the best of this
world and the hereafter. We need to contemplate our situation, realise our wrongs, change for the better with
guidance from sincere Scholars and experience your paradise before you leave this world.

We are coming to the close of another lunar year. This is an ideal opportunity to make the right choice and be successful. In worldly matters, one can still live with some consequences or make up for losses, but in matters of religion, it is essential to make the right choice. We need to be careful as from whom we accept rulings in matters of religion. It is essential to choose correct sources of religious knowledge and information, whether from lecturers, tutors, websites, books etc.

May Allawh guide us on the straight path. Aameen.

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